Virtual Reality

Oculus Go - 360 Panoramas

  360 Panoramas' create a 360 degree environment that gives users the freedom to view any space from a fixed point.  If the project is a larger area or multiple locations these VR's can be linked together so that the user can freely explore them.  Whether your exploring your project before the design is finalized or using the technology to pre-sell the space to clients months or years before a project is complete you'll find this interactive experience is one of a kind.  



   Oculus Go gives you the perfect opportunity to both share your project with your clients and market your brand at the same time.  These headsets are very affordable and can be branded with you logo and information.  They are simple to use and being free of any cables you can move in any direction without worrying about your freedom of movement.   We can handle all of the details from creating the 360 Panoramas to the branding and ordering of the headsets.



Immersive VR

  We create integrative experiences with the use of disruptive technologies that are rapidly changing the marketplace. Our team creates custom-built virtual environments that can be explored with Virtual Reality (VR) headsets such as the Oculus Quest. The result is an immersive experience for your customers that bridges the gap between pre-built conception and the post-constructed reality.


  Our virtual reality experiences create memorable impressions on users and empower consumers to make their buying decisions with confidence and excitement. Founded on the latest technologies, the immersive nature of virtual reality has propelled the sales landscape beyond imagery, video, and text.  Never before has it been possible for a consumer to truly ‘see’ the products they are evaluating - not until now.


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Augmented Reality

Immersive and easy to use tools that run on tablets and smartphones provide our clients with world class architectural visualization at their fingertips.  Projects can be sent to anyone in the world and viewed from the comfort of their home or office as easily as sending an email.  Phasing can be clearly shown, sun studies can be looked at interactively and the model can be placed on and accurately scaled on any surface including the project site. 


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    The process for AR & the Oculus Go begins in much the same way as that of traditional renderings or animations, once a 3d model of the project has been created materials and lighting are applied.  Then we create cameras in the locations you designate and the panoramas will be generated and hosted so they will be accessible to people with the proper devices.

  The immersive VR experiences follows much of the same pattern as the 360 panoramas except there are no camera locations to identify.  The VR experience allows the user to fully explore their environment, using devices like the Oculus Rift.  Using this technology, you can experience any space at a 1:1 scale and interactively explore that space simply by walking around.



  • Initial contact
  • Project details received

  • Quote is given
  • Contract is signed

  • Work begins
  • Wireframe model is constructed

  • Lighting is setup

  • Cameras are placed

  • Model is textured
  • Preliminary VR is generated

  • Textures, lights & cameras are finalized

  • VR experience is finalized and delivered