Our 3D projects span a wide variety of architectural types.  We have worked on resorts, commercial buildings, master plans, high-rise and low-rises,  residential projects and medical.  We will transform your CAD files and sketches into realistic images adding lifestyle and landscaping elements that will bring your scene to life!  


If you're not at the stage where a photo realistic rendering is needed, we can work with you to produce simple high-quality conceptual imagery.  These process renderings can later be turned into photo realistic images when the time is right. 


  Animation is a powerful tool, it can bring a project to life and deliver information that renderings and complex diagrams never could.  It’s a way of exploring a creative idea by putting it in a visual experience that anyone can understand.      



  Virtual reality (VR), is a 360-degree environment that gives users the freedom to explore any space from a fixed point.  If the project is a larger area or multiple locations, these VR's can be linked together so that the user can freely explore them.  Whether your exploring your project in real time before the design is finalized or using the technology to pre-sell the space to client’s months or years before a project is complete, you'll find this interactive experience is second to none. 


  Using video of your project’s site shot from a drone we can digitally insert your building into the footage for a completely realistic representation of what your project will be.  This type of hybrid animation is the most compelling way to present your designs and is quickly becoming the standard in architectural animation.  The advantage of using motion tracking on your projects is its ability to put the project into context with its surroundings.  Using today’s drone technology, were able to shoot in places that were impossible with full-sized airplanes or helicopters.  Not only is the cost a fraction of what a full sized aircraft costs but the flexibility in scheduling gives us the ability to create these pieces with very little lead time.  In many cases, the cost of producing this type of animation is the same or less than traditional animation. 


  The Render Spot offers full service video production for the architecture and real estate companies in the Houston and surrounding areas.  We will work directly with you to script where necessary, site-scout, film, edit and even score your video.  To create a successful video requires teamwork at each phase, we are open to input and cater to the needs of each individual client.  Once complete your videos can be monitored with useful analytics for online marketing campaigns to help target and drive traffic to your company.  Design should be accessible to everyone; video helps bridge the divide between public understanding and architectural vision.    


Every phase of your project is meticulously planned out from schematic design to construction drawings, why should your renderings be any less important.  We don't want any of your hard work to go to waste, we’ll take the files you've created and use them to generate a 3d model of your project.   We can work with all of the most popular software packages so you don't have to change your workflow and any updates can be easily incorporated.


  • Initial contact
  • Project details received

  • Quote is given
  • Contract is signed

  • Work begins
  • Wireframe model is constructed

  • Lighting is setup

  • Cameras are placed

  • Model is textured
  • Preliminary model is rendered

  • Textures, lights & cameras are finalized

  • High rez image is generated